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Frequently asked questions

On the side of each page you will find a button “New survey”.
If you have at least 50 credits, you can publish your survey.

Once published, a text will appear at the top of the page, which you must copy/paste on the thank you-page of your survey.

Respondents will need the code contained in the text in order to claim their credits.

Good luck!

You can find your surveys by clicking on “My Profile” in the menu. If you scroll down a little bit, it says: “Started forum posts” These are your surveys, and here you will also find the text you need to paste into your thank you page.
Here you can customize your personal information, view your followers and read private messages. You can also find your published surveys and the amount of credits in your wallet.
Your survey will be published for 48 hours, so if your survey is no longer visible the next day, you can add it again provided that you have 50 credits.

For each survey you fill out, you will receive 10 credits, so with five competed surveys you can re-publish your own survey.

You will receive 10 credits for each survey you complete.

On the thank you page of a survey, you will find a random code that you need to copy and paste into your credits page. This code equals 10 credits that will be added automatically once you enter the code on the page. Keep in mind that as soon as you create a survey, you show the line that we show when placing a survey on the thank you page of your survey, otherwise your respondents can’t claim their credits.

Sometimes people who post a survey forget to place their code word into the thank you page. In this case, there are two things you can do:

1. Send a private message to the survey owner to ask if you can still get the code.

2. Does the owner not respond to your private message? Please, send Surveyadmin a message, also state which survey it concerns. SurveyStudent will still give you the 10 credits.


Above you will find the most frequently asked questions we have already answered for SurveyStudents.

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