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About us

SurveyStudent has been set up by a number of students who were bothered by the fact that it was rather difficult gathering respondents for their dissertation, school projects, and business ideas. The strength of a good research project may lie in the questions, but the reliability will increase considerably with a high number of respondents. To solve this problem, they devised a platform for anyone to join, with the specific purpose of helping each other find respondents.

How does it work?

The idea is simple, everyone is free to place his/her survey on SurveyStudent, but in order for your survey to become visible, you’ll have to complete five other surveys first. After 48 hours, your survey will automatically disappear. Still don’t have enough respondents? Then, you can add your survey again for free. In this way, together we ensure that everyone reaches enough respondents and can complete a successful research project in a short period of time. Will you join us? Register here.

Using credits

Within SurveyStudent we work with credits, to ensure that everyone responds adequately to surveys and thus receives enough respondents. After each completed survey, you will find a code on the thank you page of the questionnaire that you can enter on your profile. This automatically gives you 10 credits. Placing a survey can only be done if you have 30 credits. These credits will be automatically deducted from your balance when you place a survey.

Research results

Higher response does not always mean higher reliability. This is something we should all keep in mind. Therefore, it is possible to include several trick questions, thereby allowing you to verify whether the respondent is taking your survey seriously. Reliable research is usually easily possible at SurveyStudent, but be careful when viewing your personal results.

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It works!

SurveyStudent is gradually becoming more well-known. Not only within the Netherlands and Belgium, but also elsewhere. Namely, we’re currently working on establishing ourselves in England and Germany.

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