The manufacturer released all radio systems designed for the British army in the years 1976-2010. Includes a panic button for officers in need. Clansman is the name of an integrated radio system, sometimes called a Combat Net Radio system (CNR), used by the British Armed Forces between 1976 and 2010. So Bowman has the same HF antenna technology as it's predecessor, Clansman, with the same shortfalls. This radio is battery reliant. It is not a radio problem and it never was a radio problem, it was always an antenna problem and it always will be until the senior comms decision makers get off the fence and look to the solution which was … Clansman is a combat net radio system with these characteristics, and was developed from Larkspur which was the first combat net radio used by the British Army, with its HF C13 and VHF C45 sets. Can operate nationally. It replaced the aging Larkspur radio system, and proved to be more flexible, reliable and far lighter. Even stripped of its optional data-terminal interface, this radio is … This heaps further criticism on one of the most reviled parts of Bowman, the section-level radio which is carried by footsoldier corporals in charge of seven other men. Personal Role Radio - Features & Specifications. The disadvantages of radio are that it is not an up to date media. Features: 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Low probability of Interception Low probability of Detection Up to 500m Range Simple user interface 256 Channel capability (16 directly available to the user) Easily mounted on the user- small and unobtrusive Operates independently of any … During the lifetime of the Ferret, both Larkspur and Clansman were in use. The Clansman PRC-319 Electronic Message Unit “EMU” BA-1304 is a removable pocket sized small alphanumeric keyboard that allows transmission of written words and data when voice transmissions would be dangerous, to coordinates and direct communication with fire control and direction computers. Bowman delivers a step change in capability over the Clansman family of radios through its security, data capability, reliability and resilience against Electronic Warfare (EW) attack. General Dynamics UK is the Prime Contractor and Systems Integrator for Bowman, the tactical C4I system for the British armed forces. Disadvantages- This radio system costs a lot of money. The technological advances achieved in the design of Clansman allowed the introduction of Single SideBand (SSB) operation and NarrowBand Frequency Modulation (NBFM) to field-level communications for the first time. • Over 80,000 radios made and first radio entered service in 1976 ( In service date is when the main netwrorkwas established) • Being replaced by Bowman – GPS mesh radio system with much poorer battery life than the Clansman • Most Clansman sets are available now to buy The list of their advantages is extremely long, but it is easy to mention most of them. This radio system is encrypted. As far as I am concerned, Bowman is astonishingly bad; it is a broken system." It was developed by the Signals Research and Development Establishment (SRDE) in Christchurch (Dorset, UK) in the late 1960s, as the replacement for the ageing Larkspur radio system. The advantages of radio is that it is more flexible, and can be listened to on the road. It is not difficult to see that the production process was discontinued fairly recently. What do Clansman radios offer? Bowman- These types of radios are the advancement of the future the Ministry of Defence … If the 02 network goes down, there is no coverage. The unit operates using the RWOP system.