Archdevils[7] The gods accepted it and Asmodeus's and his fellows' (including Mephistopheles and Dispater) duties now included punishing those who transgressed divine law, meaning torturing the souls of transgressors. It is revealed that his affair with Helenehad ruined her life and ended up with her getting cursed into a painti… Moloch was convinced by Malagarde (who worked for Geryon and therefore Asmodeus) that if he showed defiance, Asmodeus would respect him and absolve him of all crimes; instead, he was deposed and Malagarde, who'd convinced him to join the fray to begin with, became the archdevil of Malbolge. Thus Asmodeus ripped off the horn and threw it into the Prime Material plane, falling onto some world, to the spot where eventually the city of Cynidicea arose. Asmodeus ruled supreme among the archdevils. "Hey, I need someone's help," Lucifer entered the music room as he said that, the soles of his dress shoes clanking loud against the marble floor. Born from the soup of chaos through the interaction of the two most powerful entities of law, one evil and the other good, formed the neutral plane of the Outlands. [27][5][28], Asmodeus was a lawful evil creature with the goal of becoming the supreme being in the multiverse even if it required destroying the current multiverse and creating a new one. However, he was older than the concept of faith and the power of deities like him neither waxed nor waned with the number of worshipers and, beyond himself, he had no ability to grant spells to his followers. This cease-fire only had to last long enough for him to organize matters that would eventually turn the Blood War into a good versus evil struggle that would serve his ends in causing destruction on the upper planes. or more conditions specific to that deity. [80] However, after conquering three layers of the Abyss, he broke away and became a demon lord. Your boyfriend Asmodeus decides to take you out to a human club. History Talk (0) Comments Share. He genuinely believed that a bright future awaited the multiverse if he was to rule it. no group. Asmodeus, chief of the Lords of the Nine. Thus he posed as a non-divine entity in order to conduct his various plans[3] in a covert and manipulative manner. However, Asmodeus exempted himself from the duty of providing soldiers and other aid to fight the Blood War. [100], In this version too, the multiverse started as a soup of chaos, where demons fought each other. Such manipulations were very subtle and took centuries to bear fruit. [citation needed], This story positioned Asmodeus's origins at the very dawn of time. [40], Asmodeus had many underlings, starting with the archdevils. Le profil de Asmodeus membre du site depuis le 19/02/2014 à 16:35. [68] Baalzebul was originally Asmodeus's favorite archdevil, until he was a leading figure in the Reckoning. This was a unique ruling that made Belial and Fierna equals in a system that otherwise mandated that every layer-ruling post had to be filled with only one person. Advertisement. He was an adept user of hellfire, a tool so powerful it might play a role in ousting Asmodeus, but while he was worshiped as the god of hellfire by mortals, many could not tell the difference between Asmodeus and Mephistopheles and confused the latter with the former, something that frustrated Mephistopheles. Similar Collections OC: Cam ~ aesthetics by @xdecembersky 731 ♥ - 348 Followers Follow. The discorporation usually lasts at least a few months, [32], Everyone within 120 feet (37 meters) of Asmodeus's avatar was under the effect of an awe effect that made it impossible for people to attack him when they were not attacked first by the avatar. Few of these theories have appeared in subsequent books, or possessed a foundation in prior material, though the theme of Asmodeus as a fallen being of Law has remained. [86], In the Pact Primeval version of Asmodeus's origin myth, Mephistopheles was Asmodeus's companion since before they went to Baator. 526 526. [22], Asmodeus's true form was that of a wingless scaled serpent hundreds of miles long. Sphere of Influence [93], The majority of cultists were dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and humans. This army consisted of devils that were created from Asmodeus's blood[42] and were truly loyal to him. Greater deity [103], Afterward, Asmodeus worked as a watchman over Tharizdun's prison. [134] Most of the time, Asmodeus overpowered Azuth, using his divine powers while the God of Wizards was in a dormant state. [135] But on a rare few occasions, Azuth was able to gain control of their shared body, and because of his strange behavior many denizens of the Nine Hells believed Asmodeus had grown mad. Harkening back to 2nd edition, Manual of the Planes 3rd edition mentions "brutally repressed rumors" that the form of Asmodeus seen by the other archdukes and visitors was merely a specter or aspect, and that his true form, that of a titanic, serpent-like devil, hundreds of miles long, resided at the bottom of the canyon known as Serpent's Coil, so named for the outline he made when he hit the surface of Nessus, still wounded from his fall out of the upper planes. your own Pins on Pinterest Fighter 25 Wizard 20 Restoring his powers required the healing of his wounds. [72] Thus, Bel was a curiosity who put Asmodeus and the good of Baator above the good of himself. [90] Furthermore, every diabolic cult was viewed as a subdivision of Asmodeus's cult and ultimately swore allegiance to him and not the entity it followed. Belphegor. See what Asmodeus Shadows (asmodeusshadows) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. [34] The method through which Asmodeus granted spells was not through his own powers but through using himself as a channel for the divine magic of Baator itself to the mortal cleric. He is the ex-husband of Beth and the designer of human tortures in Hell. Avatar (Patronage Supplement) Avatar of a Fallen God (4e Epic Destiny) Killoren Avatar (4e Epic Destiny) 3.5e Creatures 3.5e Races 3.5e Classes. One of his goals was win Asmodeus's trustees over. The first was that it spurred increased loyalty in Geryon and he would work even harder for Asmodeus in the hope of being restored to power. [26] He also recruited new ones. Challenge rating Second, a decree was made that Asmodeus must always carry his Ruby Rod of Asmodeus, both as a symbol of the devils' right and as a punishment device against devils who did not uphold their end of a bargain made with mortals. Gargauth left either because he tried and failed to oust Asmodeus and had to flee or because Asmodeus killed Beherit, Gargauth's closest ally, which prompted the Outcast to leave. In summary, all archdevils were forced to accept Asmodeus as their superior and he became sure of potential usurpers' capabilities[125] while also dramatically reminding them of their position. After throwing a fit, Glasya agreed and was tasked with organizing the erinyes' work. Asmodeus is an Arch-Devil of Hell (Baator in 2nd Edition; also in early 3rd edition but increasingly referred to as "the Nine Hells" in 3.5 products), and the Overlord of the Dukes of Hell.. He was an entity that outranked both common and noble baatezu and fell in a category onto himself, but was still a devil like the others. The blood that his wounded body gave off turned into new cornugons and pit fiends,[43] usually the latter. 2nd Edition Statistics[18] [46], As mentioned above, Asmodeus was a greater deity for whom mortal worship was not required to maintain his powers, who predated the concept of faith, and who could not grant spells, while few extant races remembered his godhood. [100], While the gods understood the necessity of punishment, they had a problem with souls being punished within their lands. Asmodeus apparaît dans le comics Lady Death. [57], Asmodeus had working relationships with evil deities who supplied his followers with spells, for he could not do it himself, in return for his aid in their endeavors. Whether he had severed all ties with Asmodeus's and if he had, whether it would remain such was not known. [62], Asmodeus was baatezu and the creator of the baatezu. Supreme Master of the Nine HellsLord of NessusThe Lord of the Ninth[1]The Lord of the Ruby Rod[2]Lord of Lies[3]Prince of Evil[4]The Cloven[1]Old Hoof and Horn[1]The Archfiend[5]The Raging Fiend[6] He modified the Nine Hells so that as many souls as possible could enter the astral dominion. He was successful at it and over the years observed the coming and going of many archdevils.