Play something more gentle, such as Debussy’s Clair De Lune, and the piano is altogether more gentle and calm. This is how we make money. Sonos S2 update: everything you need to know, Best wireless speakers: wonderful wi-fi speakers for all budgets, Best Bose speakers 2020: portable, multi-room, wireless, Best AirPlay speakers 2020: wireless streaming for Apple devices. Sonos Sonos Amp Review The Versatile Amplifier for Powering All Your Entertainment From Sonos. Sonos says the variance of speakers available mean it can’t offer Trueplay. On the front you get the now standard Sonos touch controls, which let you adjust volume, play/pause and skip tracks. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. All of the intended fun is conveyed thanks to the precise placement of the seemingly incongruous effects – the plane whooshes from far-left to right, the vocal has that lovely, airy, disembodied quality to it and is flanked by those silly, trumpet-like parps from the keyboard. There’s oodles of punch here, but the Amp skilfully avoids ever veering into jarring hardness or irritating harshness, and there’s decent detail behind the initial hit of each note. There’s an analogue-to-digital conversion that happens (so that the Amp can send the audio to other rooms), but it feels and sounds natural. This, coupled with the smaller case, could introduce some heat issues, but the case is designed to draw air up from below, through the passive heatsink and out the top. 「Sonos Amp」単体でも70,800円(税別)と決して安価ではないので高音質であることは当然だが、Sonosファミリー全体として考えると「Sonos Amp」のお陰で、Sonosの世界観がカジュアルとHi-Fiオーディオの趣味層までつながる広がり #mergeRow-gdpr fieldset label {font-weight: normal;} En dat allemaal met de bekende gebruiksvriendelijke Sure enough, playing vinyl on the Amp is a more natural experience than on other Sonos players. No rival supports more streaming services, is easier to use or has a more polished app, and these things matter when you’re living with a product, potentially in every room of your house. A powerful amplifier, the Sonos Amp has the capability to be the best-sounding wireless speaker in the line-up, assuming you pair it with a decent set of speakers. The new shape is the result of conversations Sonos has had with custom installers, who have long used the Connect:Amp in customer set-ups despite that never having been its intended use. If your TV doesn’t have HDMI ARC, then you can buy the Sonos HDMI-to-optical adaptor and use that instead. Het oude en het nieuwe Sonos gecombineerd, zullen we maar zeggen. After all, this is a speaker aimed at Hi-Fi enthusiasts, and what control you do get is basic at best. Apple spatial audio: what is it? There’s no way to create a 5.1 system, though, as there’s no output for a centre channel. If anything, there’s a little bit of detail and nuance that’s lost, but it’s still a satisfying experience being able to listen to an old format via a cutting-edge bit of tech. The ability to add surround speakers to the Amp is very appealing, but it is worth mentioning that it’s highly unlikely your chosen front speakers will blend seamlessly with the surrounds, and that can make for a slightly disjointed surround field. Although the Amp launched as a Sonos S1 product, it is fully compatible with S2, so can join newer systems. For starters, its $649 price is bound to turn some people off. The Amp doesn’t have an in-built microphone, but it will respond to voice commands issued to Amazon Alexa- and Siri-powered devices, including, naturally, the Sonos One and Beam. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Best Buy TV deal: save $150 on this 70-inch 4K TV, Crazy Walmart TV deal gets you a 70-inch Roku TV for just $448, Apple AirPods Pro 2 leak reveals radical "through-body" controls. In short, if you specifically need the Amp, then it’s a brilliant product, but it’s a little expensive and quite niche. He has edited Computer Shopper and Expert Reviews, and once wrote a book on ho…, Trueplay tuning (Sonos Architectural speakers only). A dedicated centre speaker is predictably better in this regard, but Sonos has done an admirable job of creating the impression of one without the extra hassle or expense. Sonos’s Patrick ‘PG’ Gall describes the new Amp as “the Connect:Amp on steroids”, but he’s talking about its under-the-skin muscle rather than outward appearance, because the new amp is arguably the more svelte of the two. There was a problem. Review: Sonos Amp Thomas Bartlett May 14, 2019 Sonos Amp 4.5 Overall Score Name: Sonos Amp Price (RRP): $999 Manufacturer: Sonos Sonos is famous for its multiroom, multizone, network speaker systems. But the Amp does, when compared to streaming components of a similar price (and non-streaming amps at lower prices), lack the real hi-fi-like subtlety that comes from low-level dynamic delicacy. This makes it far more capable of powering bigger, more demanding speakers. As with the Beam, Playbar and Playbase, two Sonos speakers (such as Ones) can be used as surround channels with the Amp, or you can instead add a second Amp connected to any two extra speakers you like to create a 4.0 system – or even 4.1 if you add a wired subwoofer or the wireless Sonos Sub. One of the primary reasons for getting the Sonos Amp is to hook up a turntable to play music. Still, with what you can control, the Sonos Amp has the capability to be the best-sounding Sonos speaker in the line-up. Play Johnny Cash’s Hurt and you don’t quite get the full detail of his fingers slider across his guitar strings. If you connect the Amp to a pair of Sonance speakers, you can use the Trueplay feature to tune the sound to your room. Its dimensions are markedly different, though, as this is a shorter, deeper and slightly wider device. If you’re already eyeing up a Playbar or Playbase, we urge you to consider spending the extra on the Amp and a capable pair of speakers. That might make it restrictive for serious home cinema users, but for the intended audience it makes for a simple, seamless setup. It's only available in black and has only three touch-sensitive ‘buttons’ on the front: one for play/pause and two that change use with context but are mainly for increasing or decreasing the volume. You can connect a subwoofer, either going for the wireless Sub or by using the subwoofer output to hook up your own. You can compare it to expensive AV receivers. Internally, there’s a … While it’s true that you can hook up a record player to any Sonos player with a line-in, such as the new Sonos Five, the Amp has the advantage that you can use speakers better suited to the format. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Visit us for all things Sonos - this video, we review the Sonos Amp. Around the back of the Amp you’ll find all of the connections of the Connect:Amp – two pairs of speaker terminals, a subwoofer output, two ethernet sockets, and a stereo analogue input. But there’s one important addition: an HDMI socket. Kicking off with Prefab Sprout’s The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, we discover a soundstage with a lovely blend of width and focus. As with all newer Sonos products, there’s Airplay 2 support. The best sounding speaker in the range, the Sonos Amp lets you pair your own speakers but it's a far more niche product than the rest. Play Enough Space by Foo Fighters, and the intro guitars swirl effectively around you. Back to music and we play Alt-J’s Every Other Freckle, yet again enjoying the spaciousness on offer and revelling in the expertly painted tonal picture, which balances substantial bass with textured mids and glistening treble that refuses to brighten. That said, you will obviously get more out of a premium pair of speakers by powering them using a more premium amp, and the Sonos Amp makes the most sense with quality speakers more toward the  budget end of the spectrum. There’s punch and attack to the playback that pulls you in. The new shape is the result of conversations Sonos has had with custom installers, who have long used the Connect:Amp in … The ‘phantom centre channel’ works well, with dialogue proving clearer and more direct than in a typical stereo system. Ideally, I’d like the ability to fine tune the speakers with more detailed controls. Starting life on the consumer PC press back in 1998, David has been at the forefront of technology for the past 20 years. Play Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix and the broad, three-dimensional soundstage fills the room with atmosphere while individual sound effects have exciting focus. Nothing is missed in the broad range that the Amp can deliver but for all it can do, it misses out on some of the subtleties that the best amplifiers can deliver. While Sonos’ other speakers are plug-and-play, designed as much for convenience as for sound quality, the Sonos Amp is a different proposition. Note that this model is just ARC, not eARC as on the Sonos Arc, so the best audio you can get is Dolby Digital rather than Dolby Atmos. How do you get it. It supports Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa along with Apple’s Siri. There’s also an IR input so that you can pair a universal or TV remote. Clearly aimed at custom installers, the Amp is the best choice if you want to have a hidden installation. Sonos products have always been intentionally inconspicuous in design, but the Amp is the stealthiest yet. Sonos Amp performance – Rich and detailed with a lot of power Sound quality from the Sonos Amp will change dramatically depending on the speakers that … This amplifier brings much-needed flexibility to the range, whether you want something to play vinyl through or want hidden speakers. Sonosをおすすめする理由 心躍るサウンド どんな音量でも部屋中に広がるクリアできめ細やかなサウンド。 使いやすい 設定は数分で完了。あとはSonosアプリやAirPlay 2、音声操作で手軽にコントロール。 思いのままに聴く お持ちのシステムをカスタマイズし、好きなサウンドを好きな場所で再生。 Being more than twice as powerful than the Connect:Amp, Sonos Amp is capable of blasting up to 125 watts per channel, a big improvement on 55 watts in the Connect:Amp. That might seem extravagant compared to one of Sonos’ £699 dedicated TV speakers, but not only will you have a far more hi-fi like sound system, it will actually perform better with your TV, in terms of both sound and useability. It’s also stackable: Amps can be placed on top of one another in a central location, with speaker cables running to various rooms in the house. As such, the Amp isn’t really a replacement for a proper sound system, but a handy tool if in reach of a second TV. Sonos Amp Review +2 Theo74 3 maart 2020, 696 views Product gekocht Sonos Amp Prima versteker 2.0 met zowel veel extra's als ook beperkingen. Inside there’s a Class D 125W per channel (at 8-ohms) amplifier, up from the 55W per channel of the old product. You get stereo phono inputs for a turntable (or another audio source), although there’s no pre-amp on the Amp. Built to be a beautiful bit of hi-fi kit in its own right, it gives you the choice of which speakers you want to use, throws in an HDMI ARC port for TV watching, and even has audio inputs for a turntable. We had everything up and running perfectly in minutes. Review: The Sonos Amp is a an interesting device with real surround with minimal effort and hassle. When compared to the best stereo amps, the difference is subtle, and the Amp is a very high-quality bit of kit, it’s just that you can get marginal improvements with some other dedicated stereo amplifiers. Sound quality from the Sonos Amp will change dramatically depending on the speakers that you pair with it. This time, Sonos has set out to make a product that will better serve custom installers’ needs. You can connect the Sonos Amp via Wi-Fi, but there are two 100Mbps Ethernet ports on the rear if you want to go wired, letting you daisy-chain multiple Amps together.