How to get the most respons through SurveyStudent?

  • Keep your survey short and sweet. From research done for SurveyStudent it seems most people are willing to spend five to 10 minutes on a survey. Thats roughly 20 to 25 questions.
  • Make sure the unique code-word is on the thank you page of your survey. If you don’t place the code-word, your respondents will reply to your survey, which can result in potential new respondents skipping your survey since the code-word isn’t available without delay.
  • Use a catchy title for your survey. Test it with a couple of friends to make sure it attracts attention.
  • Spend enough time on the layout and design of your survey. Are you able to use images? Please do so. This makes it much more fun than endless lists of questions.

Didn’t get enough respondents? Repost your survey!
By publishing your survey again, you’ll get to the top of the ranking. More views, catchy titles and a nice design means more respondents. Use this to your advantage!



Once off
  • Survey online for 3 days
  • 10 free credits!
  • Account valid forever
  • Better ranking then basic
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X-treme Limited availability


Per Month
  • Survey online for 7 days
  • 35 free credits!
  • Account valid forever
  • Better ranking then basic & pro
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