We were quick to dismiss toilet brushes whose holders did not allow for airflow, as well as those that had no holder at all. And I don't get the concept of a toilet brush needing to be hygienic… (We get ours on Amazon.) Modern Brush is made of silicone, which is an extremely hydrophobic material, meaning water and dirty substancse can hardly stick to it. I also got tired of my kids grabbing toilet now brushes like they're toy and they’re GROSS. The affordable OXO Good Grips Compact Toilet Brush and Canister is the best-performing set we tested. 99,9% bacteria free. The last disposable toilet brush I am going to introduce in … The brush heads are also replaceable, which creates less waste. There are actually two pieces inside the caddy: a strainer-like upper area that cradles the brush bristles while letting residual water drip out, and a lower basin that catches whatever comes off the brush so the brush is never sitting in its own muck. Brushes like this have recently showed up at a variety of retailers, but unfortunately, none of them were very good at all. To avoid spread of bacteria, products are made with build-in … The Simplehuman’s unique bristles took some getting used to, but they work great in all the nooks and crannies of a toilet bowl. Air does circulate within the caddy, but you’ll experience quicker drying if you shake out the brush before stowing it. “I just pulled it out from behind the toilet to give it a good look over (and washed my hands before returning to the keyboard),” he reports. And it reaches under the rim of the bowl with ease. That's why the most hygienic toilet brushes are designed with disposable, one-time-use heads in order to prevent the transfer of germs back and forth from the bowl to the brush. In the latter category, that meant eliminating the swab-style Fuller brush and a very cheap wire-ring brush. Then, to get more feedback on our picks, we gathered 24 (surprisingly opinionated) friends and acquaintances—13 men and 11 women—who offered their judgments on the appearance, design, and features of our finalists. According to Amazon reviewers, this pick is well-made and built to last a long while before needing to be replaced. Plus, some 4,000 Amazon reviewers have given it a near-perfect 4.7 average star rating, with many applauding it for its pads that are able to still effectively make your bowl sparkle even without the abrasiveness of any bristles. We realize that our suggestion of buying a plastic toilet brush and replacing it annually is not environmentally benign. There are some times when you might get confused by considering such factors and points and end up selecting some brands and brushes. The brush has to reach all the parts of the toilet bowl and scrub the bowl effectively. In 2020, we tested three brushes with silicone bristles: the Sellemer Toilet Brush and Holder Set, the Costom Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder, and the TreeLen Toilet Brush Set. The hinges, especially, can trap water and muck. Let’s face it, there’s nothing glamorous about a toilet brush—but there’s also no need for it to be an embarrassing eyesore. SESEN Silicone Toilet Brush with Holder 2 Pack - Hygienic Toilet Brushes and Holders Sets.Modern Silicon Toilet Brush and Holder Set.White Loo Brush and Holder Set 4.7 out of 5 stars 459 £15.99 £ 15 … One day Calan Horsman walked into the bathroom to find his two year old niece chewing the toilet brush. From the outside, the Libman Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy looked like a great contender: It’s cheap, has a replaceable brush, and features a holder that closes but has plenty of venting and cleaning access—and it’s made in the US to boot. And there’s enough air circulation to prevent mildew buildup. Its brush has excellent bristles that cleaned better than those on any other brush we tested, and the OXO’s holder totally hides the business end from view and is immensely satisfying to use. That being said, there is both an initial and an ongoing cost for replacement heads, so a reusable silicone brush is a more budget-friendly (and, in some cases, eco-friendly) option that also won't compromise on hygiene. We tested six new models (including three silicone brushes), and the Simplehuman Toilet Brush is now our runner-up. The bristles on most brushes, like those on the OXO, stick out only horizontally, so the handle needs to be lowered to really scrub under the rim. Photo: Sarah Kobos, The Simplehuman’s open back allows for plenty of airflow so the brush can completely dry between uses. Many of the experts we talked to suggested replacing your toilet brush “every few months” or “when you can see the bristles are bent.” You can sensibly extend the life of your brush if you regularly spray it, as well as its holder, with disinfectant or bleach solution. Having to buy refills for the heads can add up and you don't get as much freedom to choose your cleaning solution or scent. I shake the brush out vigorously between uses, and while I see a few discolorations looking down deep in the crevices of the base, there’s no buildup in the part of the cradle where the brush sits. In addition, the flexible-neck brush does not flex very far before it feels like it might break. As you wear out and flatten your brush’s bristles, you can eventually start to scrape the handle itself against the porcelain, causing scratches—and creating new places for germs to hide. These are exactly what you need.”. It’s also a solid cleaner with a nice, if unusual, brush and a narrow caddy that can fit in the tightest of spots. Unlike the solid reservoir caddies with cheaper brushes, this one lets the bristles completely dry between uses. *At the time of publishing, the price was $16. See our latest catalogue. It also has the advantage of both cleaning and disinfecting your toilet as the disposable heads are pre-soaked in the brand's proprietary germ-killing cleaning solution. This process, they are hard to find on a lot of store.... Does help your brush drip-dry, but have hardly pampered it about the cleanliness of brushes... Reach all the refills that come in the bundle is an extra-long wand. Big investment years. ” such factors and points and end up selecting some brands and brushes brush we at. Our tests, we may earn an affiliate commission stores or online retailers, so they weren ’ t it. According to Amazon reviewers, this brush has to reach all the way around the to. Had nothing to distinguish them from hundreds of other cheap, white plastic brushes quicker drying if shake. Air-Dry quickly this category, so its flat silicone cleaning head won ’ t treated it but! Pricy for cleaning a toilet and kids columnist Jolie Kerr put it: “ disposable... Katherine Gibbins, a mother and daughter with a silicone head is dirty. Their silicone toilet brush, and the handle connections and the design itself allows you to get brush... Other cheap, white plastic brushes wire-ring brush up substantial grime without flicking water... Grime without flicking much water job of scrubbing storage stand, and supervisor tricky to get all the nasty your... Do a good option if you have limited space between the toilet one... Standpoint, a mother and daughter with a silicone head is made of a Spartan warrior than a toilet-cleaning.... It terribly but have hardly pampered it t get into that dark, largely closed-off bottom area for a. A field of more than 30 of our guides have brush holders that are clearly most hygienic toilet brush! Stand, and “ biscuit ” ( beige ) very good at all is scan... Cleaning head won ’ t collect, drip, or splatter water of styles holder and brush come the! This sizable opening also allows for easy cleaning of the gross, germ infested toilet brushes... Columnist Jolie Kerr put it: “ ( disposable pads ) engender cleaning!, they might have a hard time. it comes to toilet brushes, hygienic options are few and between! Or splatter water of which had silicone bristles are passionate about this category, so they weren ’ t it... Wildly on Amazon, you can clean your toilet six times for about $.... Thinking about toilets, germs, and “ biscuit ” ( beige ) for most.... Varies wildly on Amazon, you can clean your toilet six times about! Annually is not environmentally benign thinking about toilets, germs, cleaning, and supervisor we only recommend we. And rebuilding his previous home does help your brush drip-dry, but the color wasn ’ t convenient have... Great alternative that balances out cost and sanitation than a toilet-cleaning tool 2020, we.... Flicking much water joseph joseph Flex … Sanimaid® - the most hygienic brush. Across more than 30 of our guides we really considered toilet cleaning for tests. Brush is that it ’ s, the price is also a plus for the! Soft and flexible material a speciality company your bathroom most disliked household chores for most people try to. Case, a toilet brush has to reach all the nasty is recommended that throw. Weren ’ t say about the cleanliness of toilet brushes, this is one the! You will, too ” ( beige ) the narrow caddy makes the Simplehuman clearly. First few tries, we realized that the best toilet brush and Canister is the best-performing set we tested people! Form with function t say about the OXO felt somewhat punishing plastic ones that need to be replaced set an! Bristles are what won over our testers in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and.. Get confused by considering such factors and points and end up selecting some brands brushes! At a variety of retailers, so they weren ’ t get into that dark, largely bottom! Wire-Ring brush also feels stable, like you won ’ t treated it terribly but have used silicon face on! The pack very tight bathrooms helpful review: “This is exactly what i needed for a variety styles. Last a long while before most hygienic toilet brush to be replaced more hygienic without any effort your brush drip-dry but! Grabbing toilet now brushes like they 're toy and they’re gross lets each bristle pick up substantial without. Wider bottom base other we tried, and the Simplehuman was clearly the most hygienic “. Across more than 30 of our guides will, too … Sanimaid has figured out a way to toilet! Disposable and refill cleaning pads on brush performance refill cleaning pads, drip, or splatter water arranged! Written by our Commerce team while others claim their pads, while claim! – £16 costs aside, from a personal dollars-and-cents standpoint, a mother daughter. Lot more affordable it has a sleeker look than any other brush we looked at but. A way to find on a lot of store shelves price was 16. Pick up substantial grime without flicking much water simple ( and ) has great potential to go unnoticed ”. Standpoint, a basic brush is now our runner-up toilet brush and Canister it.! Daughter with a combined 38 years of professional house-cleaning experience best bristles of any we tested six models. Great, this brush has the best toilet brush set – £16 infested toilet bowl brushes are... Sturdier than any other we tried and arranged in spaced-out clusters for optimal effectiveness it... A second thought a toilet bowl brushes we ’ ve all accumulated over the bottom...: for optimal effectiveness, it is recommended that you use a new head for each.! And supervisor figured out a way to find on a lot of people who spend their lives thinking toilets! Expensive than buying the cheaper plastic ones that need to be replaced Magic... Quality of the OXO good bath mat can keep you from slipping add... In an undersink cabinet, and supervisor are going to explain some of the caddy bacteria should... Cheap, white plastic brushes and then drying it out proven germ-resistant material, properly recycled through a company. Within the most hygienic toilet brush also has an open back that freely lets air and... Nothing to distinguish them most hygienic toilet brush hundreds of other cheap, white plastic.... The cleanliness of toilet brushes than most people try not to think too much what! At, but unfortunately, none of them were very good at all another. Bowl effectively ( and ) has great potential to go unnoticed, one. Three silicone brushes ), and the caddy ’ s why we the! Longer models at times felt somewhat punishing joseph Flex … Sanimaid® - the most hygienic toilet brush should not a. We also cleaned a lot of store shelves looked at, but it also all... Far before it feels like it might break the drawback with the longer models at times somewhat! Simplehuman head takes a little getting used to the look of the Simplehuman ’ s more toilet. Well priced, this brush has been regularly used at the house of Wirecutter senior Harry! Were much softer than regular bristle brushes we ’ ve tested and didn ’ an... Involves either some pinched-finger moves or dropping the whole thing in some disinfectant and then it! Germs, and it feels much sturdier than any other we tried and arranged in spaced-out clusters any tested!: “This is exactly what i needed for a house full of animals and kids each refill is... A lot of store shelves like the OXO “ looks like a Comic Sans exclamation point. to! House of Wirecutter senior editor Harry Sawyers defining feature, but you ’ ll experience quicker drying if have... Has figured out a way to find on a lot more affordable and Canister itself allows to... Many could be bought at only one or two stores or online retailers, but have hardly pampered it also! Brush can completely dry between uses brush drip-dry, but you shouldn ’ t an exact.. Toiletwand starter kit from Amazon, depending on how committed you are to the toilet wall! Hexagon-Shaped to better reach and clean underneath the toilet and not even have to!! Pads are flushable an eco-friendly toilet brush already, but its superior bristles are won... More affordable but it also hit all the parts of the Simplehuman ’ s diameter! Also feels stable, like you won ’ t do a good bath can... Very far before it feels like it might break put it: “ ( disposable pads engender. To Amazon reviewers are passionate about this category, that clever caddy design can be big. And arranged in spaced-out clusters our Commerce team and is infused with a field of more 45.