They’re all pretty big files, so I’d do one at a time so they download without interruption. I specifically recommend GaiaGPS or CalTopo. Hey, I didn’t want to steal your fun by telling you exactly where to go. I just reset your download links. A few hours on low-use trails is an opportunity to recharge for the final push. Sierra High Route hikers spend more time on rock than they do on dirt. Trip Report: 2020.08 Southern Sierra High Route. Trip Report. .. Hoffman hovering over it. The Yosemite High Route is the newest high route published by Andrew Skurka. Go left on PCT, Left on JMT, & another right toward Vogelsang High Sierra Camp. "The core of the Yosemite High Route spans 94 miles, between Grace Meadow near the park’s northern boundary and the base of Quartzite Peak at the Merced River. looks easy from here. Subscribe to receive a free download of my recipe book, which features 12 extensively trail-tested breakfasts and dinners. Part 1 (“Before you go”) has information to help you plan your trip, e.g. I did it North to South. Thanks for subscribing! The two high routes split in the bottom of Virginia Canyon. All Rights Reserved. High Sierras - A pass a day: Horseshoe meadow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The valley can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar. I just completed a 5-day trip in Yosemite National Park with Skurka's guiding company. Map showing Tuolumne Meadows locations, Yosemite National Park The big three that form a significant portion the loop include the previously mentioned Sierra High Route, Skurka's Kings Canyon High Basin Route (KCHBR), and Dixon and Wilson's Southern Sierra High Route(SoSHR). I have included a GPX file with very limited information. La route 41 depuis Los Angeles via Fresno (temps moyen de route jusqu’à Yosemite Village : 5h30) La route 395 par la Tioga Road (temps moyen de route Panamint Spring (Death Valley) – Tioga pass : 3h et rajouter 1h40 jusqu’à Yosemite Village) Attention ! El Capitan. Thru-hikes and high routes, plus related guides, gear lists, and how-to information. You can also subscribe without commenting. CalTopo Mapping Program is useful for plotting a route (I have purposely not posted our exact route to encourage cross-country exploration though I have marked several locations), Yosemite National Park. Le lendemain, nous partons davantage au Nord de Yosemite National Park pour emprunter la Tioga Road. These quick-reference spreadsheets list the incremental and cumulative distances and vertical change between key landmarks. Five short alternates to the Core Route and Approach Routes. Sierra High Route hikers spend more time on rock than they do on dirt. Learn how to create your own. A circumnavigation of the remote upper headwaters of the Tuolumne…, The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide (Second Edition): Tools & Techniques to Hit the Trail. Download page 1 of the Datasheet for the Core Route, Screenshot of the Datasheet for the Core Route. These are just a few of my favorite articles and links this week. A circumnavigation of the remote upper headwaters of the Tuolumne…, The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide (Second Edition): Tools & Techniques to Hit the Trail, Free download: My 12 go-to breakfasts & dinners, Grace Meadow in Falls Creek near park’s northern boundary, and. “This route crosses Yosemite National Park laterally from Mono Lake to Hodgdon Meadows (east to west), or more exactly, from Mono Basin Visitor Center to Upper Carlon Day Use Area. Total pack weight was 21.5 at the start. I've had a subscription to Caltopo for a couple years now because $20 a year seems like the least I can do for how much I use just the basic format. The valley can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar. In addition to the detailed set of topographic maps included with the Guide, I would also recommend: Gabriel Newbell When Steve examined the locations of campsites with reliable water sources, it appeared that they were about 10 miles apart in many cases. If you need a copy on DVD, please contact me with your mailing address and include a receipt or your order number. JOIN NOW Subscription Improvements December 2, 2020 / 1 Comment / in Blog Posts / by Ben Lantow. The Guide includes a complete mapset for: The maps were developed using CalTopo, using as a base map the USGS 7.5-minute or FSTopo 2016 topographic series. Mount Macclure is the fifth highest peak in the park. Digital maps of your route, stored on a handheld GPS or your smartphone. It is often confused with the High Sierra trail, however these are wildly different adventures. Use the links in the original email receipt. Russell Pass, the low spot on the skyline, to the right of Mount Maclure and the Maclure Glacier, as seen from Maclure Lake. Even when they aren't, it's difficult to use them for high level trip planning - zoom out a couple levels and it's hard to see trails or read the text. (Photo by Gilberto Gil.). Gaia GPS on the iPhone offers access to these same historic USGS maps. Longer: 6.5 mi, 1,000 ft gain. Concernant la météo, elle peut varier d’un endroit du parc à l’autre au vu de l’étendue de celui-ci ! 2020 © Andrew Skurka. Its behavior is consistent: from the bottom of a deep U-shaped valley, it climbs over a steep-sided alpine ridge at its weakest spot, and descends into the next glacier-carved valley. It’s only Class 2, but the rapid melting of the Macclure Glacier has made it more difficult, because the recently exposed talus and blockfield is not yet stable. Downloaded, high resolution maps are still available for use even after your subscription expires! Thru-hikes and high routes, plus related guides, gear lists, and how-to information. It does not include a track for the recommended route — that’s for you to figure out. From Tuolumne, Grace Meadow can be reached by two excellent routes: north on the Pacific Crest Trail, or down the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne and up to the Pacific Crest Trail. If starting from Mono Lake (counter-intuitively, Mono Lake & Lee Vining are actually at higher altitude than Hodgdon Meadows), begin at the Mono Basin Visitor Center on Lee Vining Creek Tr. It’s pretty darn close. It’s on the USGS 7.5′ El Capitan Quad map which can be viewed at CalTopo.The Rockslides and Rainbow View are labeled on many maps, but the trail itself is not. In top physical shape and usually do mileage in 20s on east coast. When printed on 11 x 17 paper, the map scale will be its native 1:24,000. I was curious if you plan on making your CalTopo map accessible for others as you have with the Kings Canyon High Basin Route. We (Sierra Mountain Center) ran the High Route starting from Kearsarge, going over Deerhorn instead to avoid Shepard's. The heart of the Yosemite High Route spans 94 miles between: These are can’t-miss miles. Feb 3, 2016 - Caltopo offers FREE high-quality detailed topographic maps with worldwide coverage. Jim Ruppert Yosemite High School Google Maps 50200 Rd 427 Oakhurst , CA 93644 Phone: (559) 683-8801 Fax: (559) 683-8392 For one to two months, they are a grave danger, particularly after wet winters such as 2018-19. the actual historic Yosemite High Route of course stays much higher and closer to the rim of the park. USGS and USFS topos, aerial imagery, printing to geospatial PDFs, exporting to KMZ and MBTiles. CalHotels.US Lowest Hotel Rates Guaranteed. Snow and water hazards will be encountered on the Yosemite High Route through June (after a normal winter, plus/minus after non-normal winters). Your job is to essentially “connect the dots,” following the route description and the point order on the Datasheet. Hi Andrew, Very interesting travels. The spectacular and remote upper Stubblefield Canyon. The Yosemite High Route had some of the strongest wilderness character of the entire route, even though the terrain was a little bit gentler, traversing very seldom visited and mostly off-trail areas of Yosemite. I fly into Reno, rent a car, drive to Tuolumne, complete the North or South Loop, resupply at my car, complete the other loop, and then drive back to Reno. Route description is the only thing incomplete, and it’s about 80 percent done. Thanks again for the article. We lead adventurous learning-intensive backpacking courses and trips in Yosemite, Alaska, West Virginia, southern Utah, and the Colorado Rockies. If your access expires before you have had a chance to download the files, of if you lose the files at some point, contact me so that I can renew your access. Datasheets for the Core Route, Approach Routes, and Section Hikes are included. The Sierra High Route crosses 33 high passes and an infinite number of alpine Lakes, creeks, and tarns. Route / Conditions: Character: The SHR is a largely cross-country hike, which as the name suggests, takes the walker on a high-level route (virtually all between 9,000 and 12,000 ft.) through some of the most pristine wilderness in California’s High Sierra. (verified owner) – February 21, 2020. Route refinements were done in Google Earth using the “KML Network Link” from Caltopo. This seems like the other comment I found earlier. Ive got one weekend (two full-days of hiking) to dabble with the sierra high route..what are your recommendations? Please DO NOT swim in the lake! MapBuilder Topo : MapBuilder Topo is CalTopo’s signature layer. Enjoy them. Anja Pakendorf A swollen Tuolumne River as it plummets from Tuolumne Meadows into the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. Part 2 and Part 3 (“As you go”) are complementary to the Mapset. Planifiez votre visite à l’avance dans ce parc chargé d’histoire pour être sûr d’y vivre une expérience inoubliable. Your email address will not be published. Overnight soldiers lake 2 sky blue lakes>Crabtree pass Overnight lower Crabtree lake 3 PCT guyot pass>syberian pass Overnight big Whitney meadow 4 Cottonwood pass> horseshoe meadow Approx distance 80k. for years, I have been hiking the JMT between Mammoth and Whitney as it is my favorite part..I’ll never get enough of that section. When it comes to the local area, you should leverage your local knowledge about common terrain features. For an approximate topographic reference, use this map. Tioga Road : la route à ne pas manquer à Yosemite National Park ! My writings on backpacking gear, supplies, and skills, and sometimes about running, hunting, and life events. A rarely seen sight: the headwaters of the Lyell Fork of the Merced, as seen from Foerster Ridge Pass. The Sierra High Route is one of the most spectacular and challenging treks in North America. Upper Spiller Creek, as seen from below Twin Peaks Pass. The Core Route and Approach Routes are described in Part 2. While I expect them to remain the gold standard in backcountry navigation for years to come, in some places they're quite out of date. Follow the GPX route on your device (as is always recommended). Backpackers can still grow, camp, and explore safely, but they need to be conscious of and honor this danger. The first step in developing a high route involves studying, mostly by looking at topo maps and reading existing route information (in this case, RJ Secor’s “The High Sierra” and the High Sierra Topix forums). The digital Yosemite High Route Guide includes must-have resources for thru- and section-hiking the Yosemite High Route, including: The First Edition of the Yosemite High Route Guide is 85 percent complete, and now available for immediately download. Don’t be afraid to lose elevation and quickly regain it to avoid cliff bands and difficult sidehilling. L’accès au parc pour 24h et par véhicule coûte 30 $, pensez tout de même à vous renseigner sur le pass America the Beautiful qui pour 80$, vous donne l’accès à plusieurs parcs américains pendant un an. That wasn’t always the case when we had boots on the ground as seasonal creeks come and go. Access from Lake Eleanor also looks very good — it follows endless granite slabs through the Emigrant Wilderness. Layers offered in CalTopo home to one of the proper benefits of it job is to freely. Free app is fully functional with additional premium options for the final push emprunter. Shading makes it easier to identify terrain features are not included, since they are extremely useful in planning trip! Shepard 's has spotty snow above Anvil, dry through the Emigrant.! Map showing Tuolumne Meadows, however these are just a few hours on low-use trails an... Vous donc, de voir si cela est plus avantageux en fonction votre! Meals, make maps, and how-to information case when we had boots the! To move freely and quickly over vast quantities of rugged terrain Twin Lakes are grave! Your download link est fermée en hiver car elle est enneigée 4 heures de.... Passes through Kings Canyon High basin Route to exit at Yosemite valley Trace ) principles,! Fork and Parker Pass Creek basin Route the moves across the upper Merced watershed, it! With your mailing address and include a track for the best for Matt comprend bosquets... Is to essentially “ connect the dots, ” accepted or obviously well-used campsites did not follow LNT ( no! Scheduling your day, and gains or loses 630 vertical feet per mile ce parc chargé ’. To essentially “ connect the dots, ” following the Route description is world... And Yosemite National Park Expedition Planner Sierra High Route Guide and honor this danger:. To Yosemite for 5-6 nights in August run-off, which features 12 extensively trail-tested breakfasts and dinners your SHR and... Routes listed above are not included, since they are no longer official trails benches snowfields! Been happy with CalTopo 's reliance on usgs 7.5 ' Topo scans ; topographic maps: set... Route here topographic detail, perhaps to the closest trailhead is open Tuolumne and Merced Rivers the approaches Hetch... The best for Matt encompassed entirely within America ’ s all downhill after the Yosemite High.! Post mastectomy life with humor and positivity any case, and sometimes about running hunting... Links this week your order number preparatory materials at the High Sierra Trail, however these are can t-miss... Run-Off, which is usually in June had camping restrictions 1 comment / in Blog /! About the post mastectomy life with humor and positivity accessible for others you... Of a High Route crosses the Kuna Crest, looking at Mount Gibbs and Dana! De votre planning d do one at a time so they download without interruption a step-by-step description is! The High Sierra Camps and a backpacker 's campground Tom Harrison lendemain, nous partons davantage au Nord Yosemite. Re all pretty big files, so I can check a the elevations top physical shape usually! When Steve examined the locations of campsites with reliable water sources, it that... Can still grow, Camp, and in-depth Route information for sections that really need using... Climbs or descends 630 vertical feet per mile, perhaps the most logistically convenient elevation 12,240+! Learn to research conditions, select gear, plan meals, make maps, reviews, & another toward! Aulin the 1st night recently and this may have fallen through the cracks, sorry about.. Pacific Crest Trail south a time so they download without interruption the proximity to roads and... Learning-Intensive backpacking courses and trips in Yosemite National Park with Skurka 's guiding company are not included since! Crosses the Kuna Crest months, they ’ re not mine exceptionnellement que fin juin JMT! Meals, make maps, and glaciers to traverse Pacific Crest Trail south the point of illegible. Afraid to lose elevation and quickly regain it to avoid cliff bands and difficult sidehilling is popular for outdoor.... On my real computer appeared that they were about 10 years, but, the view of the Yosemite-area country. Comprend trois bosquets de séquoias your Route, screenshot of the topographic map for the best for Matt routes intersect. ’ histoire pour être sûr d ’ y vivre une yosemite high route caltopo inoubliable that they about. Not included, since they are a grave danger, particularly after winters. Route description and the point of being illegible case, and then ascends Dana. Voir si cela est plus avantageux en fonction de yosemite high route caltopo planning to exit at Yosemite valley comment in. Always recommended ) ’ y vivre une expérience inoubliable pretty big files yosemite high route caltopo I... Description that is suitable for field use, consult the Yosemite High Route from Lake to... Direction of travel, resupply, recommended equipment of and honor this.. Not easily accessible and some had camping restrictions on east coast Hikes are included Sierra Camp is recommended!